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1. What is Shesmart?

Shesmart is a website dedicated to assisting and protecting young women who are part of the new social media generation. We are a friend, an ally, a supporter, a counselor, and a healthy environment for discussions on topics that impact young women.

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2. What is the mission of Shesmart?

The Shesmart mission is to educate, inform, protect, and empower young women who will be spending time on social media. 

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3. Why was Shesmart created?

Shesmart was created because its founder was bullied in middle school and did not have a comfortable place to go to discuss it. Social media is expanding rapidly and with it many young women find themselves in many uncomfortable situations. We created this site just for those women. 

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4. What types of questions does Shesmart answer?

Shesmart answers any and all questions related to young woman and their positive and negative experiences on the internet and over social media. These questions include but are not limited to problems related to aggressive online behavior, cyberbullying, predatory online issues, or any situation where young women feel uncomfortable or feel compromised. 

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5. Where can I go for more help?

In our Shesmart provider directory, we will be providing lists of professionals (therapists, counselors, doctors), as well as other related helpful websites.

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6. I have a suggestion for the Shesmart site. How do I make it?

You may make a suggestion by visiting our Contact Us page.

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7. Do all questions receive a response from Shesmart?

Yes! We will do our best to provide an answer to any question that comes our way. 

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8. How do I become a listed professional on your directory?

It is not difficult. Email us your request if you are a credentialed professional with the appropriate licensing in the state of California and Florida. We will then contact you by phone to discuss your inclusion! There are no fees or charges to join our team in the first year of your participation. Our lists will be updated January 1st and July 1st of each year.

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