Someone is leaving mean and rude comments on my Instagram. What can I do?

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If a person is being rude to you repeatedly on social media, the first thing to realize is that in their own mind there is a reason why they are being rude. They could simply be jealous of something you do or did. They could be jealous of your position or popularity in the group. They could have some sort of feelings for you and could have felt hurt or left out of some situation. Or they could think that by being rude to you in a public manner it somehow makes them look better to their friends. So the main issue is not what they are actually saying to you… it is WHY they are saying it to you.

There are a number of approaches you can use, separate from just calling the bully a rude jerk.

  1. This approach may be used if you feel the bully is someone civil and somewhat rational: You can message them back by saying something like: “I’m sorry if you feel offended by something I said or did, but it was not my intention to hurt your feelings. I would appreciate it if you would stop sending me negative and rude comments. You wrote what you felt you needed to. I am not going to respond to them, so let’s move on.”
  2. If the above approach doesn’t work or if this is not an option that you think will have any possibility of success, then the following steps would be recommended:

First, Consider making your public Instagram profile “private”… even if it means making it very private for a short amount of time.

Next, Report the comment by tapping Comment above the image, swipe left on the comment you’d like to report, tap ! and then choose Spam or Scam or Abusive Content.

Finally, Block the user who is making rude comments by going to the bully’s profile and tapping ( for iPhone/iPad) or ( for Android) in the top-right corner. Then tap “Block”.


These solutions should help correct the problem. If these suggestions don’t seem to help, please let us know on our Contact Us page and we will work with you at that point.

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