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What Exactly Is Cyberbullying?

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What Exactly Is Cyberbullying?

If you aren’t sure what cyberbullying is exactly… just think about what happens when someone bullies and aggressively targets someone in real life. It’s often messy. And it’s often sad. The situation could have happened to you or you could have witnessed it happening to a friend. Cyberbullying is no different. It just happens online. There is one difference though. Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours, 7 days a week, and wherever you are. That’s just scary!

According to our friends at the StopBullying.gov website, cyberbullying  is any unwanted aggressive behavior that happens more than once or has the potential to happen more than once. Today, this behavior often occurs on our personal devices like computers, cell phones, ipads, and any other electronic device we may use on a regular basis.

The aggressive behavior can come in many different forms. A mean text message or e-mail. An embarrassing picture on Facebook or Instagram that keeps popping up over and over again. Pictures that you are intentionally not tagged in. The list goes on and on.

Not everyone out there is a cyberbully but there are a lot of people that do it because they feel secure in their own home behind a computer or phone. Some people don’t event realize that they are actually being a bully. Unfortunately this is a very difficult behavior to stop… but the good news is that you can prepare yourself if this should happen to you.

For valuable information on this topic, please visit www.stopbullying.gov


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